We were friendly with our neighbors for decades, until recently. One day, they introduced us to their financial adviser…

My spouse and I have been friends with a neighboring couple for decades, until recently. In our early 30s, we worked, struggled, and endeavored to improve our lives. This included career changes, setbacks and successes, vacations and fun, work on our respective houses, and dinners out.

Our approaches to life were different but we remained fast friends nonetheless. For example, we took camping trips in the mountains, while they enjoyed trips to Europe.

In our early 40s, our friends invited us to meet with their financial adviser.

We dug trenches, poured concrete foundations, and worked to build our

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Entry Level Funding Banking Jobs

Debt financing means to borrow funds or to arrange for investments from external sources. The 1971 Bolton report on small firms outlined points underlying the concept of ‘finance gap’ (this has two parts-data gap-debt is restricted on account of ignorance of applicable sources, benefits and drawbacks of finance; and provide gap-unavailability of funds or cost of debt to small enterprises exceeds the price of debt for larger enterprises.) that: there are a set of difficulties which face a small company. Small companies are hit more durable by taxation, face larger investigation costs for loans, are generally less properly knowledgeable of … Read More