Comcast will delay caps on home-internet use — but only if you live in this part of the country, and Jeff Bezos built Amazon into a behemoth — but did it hurt American workers?

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The big challenge to Biden’s electric-vehicle pledge — every state is different

President Biden may be winning points with environmentalists, renewable-energy champions and U.S. allies abroad for his serious approach to slowing global warming, but his electric-vehicle plan has some practical challenges when applied across all 50 states.

Couples’ money worries cast financial advisers in a new role: marriage counselor

Resolving conflicts over spending and saving is tricky but often necessary.

‘I was discarded after 40 years of marriage’: Can my ex-husband file a joint tax return without my consent? He tried to take both my stimulus checks

‘He told me straight out that he does not intend to give me any of our joint tax return, because he said that I am no longer working.’

Sandra Bullock sold 2 homes on Georgia’s Tybee Island for a combined $4,175,000

The actress Sandra Bullock has sold two beach houses on Georgia’s Tybee Island.

Comcast will delay caps on home-internet use — but only if you live in this part of the country

After a pause during the early months of the pandemic, Comcast is one of several internet-service providers that will start capping data usage again.

When my parents died, my sisters and I split their estate. I chose a painting that may be worth $50,000. Should I tell them?

‘The process of dividing their estate was done equitably, and without stress or rancor. Until now.’

‘I feel like she has joined some abusive cult’: My wife makes $25,000 and only gets 1.5% annual pay raises. What can I do?

‘I fear she is unmotivated to improve our financial situation, and will just stay with her abusive employer out of fear.’

‘I have been plagued by enormous guilt and regret:’ I tried to care for my late father, but I gave up. How can I ever forgive myself?

‘He was a good father, except everything had to be his way. But I know I was a cruel and horrible son.’

Jeff Bezos built Amazon into a behemoth — but did it hurt American workers?

Research has found that Amazon warehouses don’t boost local employment where they open.

Here’s a simple way to raise your financial IQ

To get better at money, you have to get better at life. You have to make the effort to understand the world, finance, the economy, and most importantly, yourself. That is the idea behind Mastering Your Money, MarketWatch’s new live free event series that kicked off Feb. 3.

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Markets cheer prospects of Mario Draghi as Italian prime minister

The former president of the European Central Bank was invited on Wednesday by Italian President Sergio Mattarella to form a new government.

U.S. economic growth could surpass China this year and Democrats may be better off spending stimulus money on something else, Fed’s Bullard says

While President Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats insist the economy needs another $1.9 trillion stimulus package, St. Louis Fed President James Bullard thinks the economy is already on track for solid growth this year.

Glaxo and CureVac join forces to develop vaccines targeting new COVID-19 variants

GlaxoSmithKline and CureVac said their approach could potentially tackle multiple coronavirus strains in one vaccine shot.

Biden presses for fast action on relief plan as he huddles with Democrats

President Biden huddled with Democratic lawmakers on Wednesday as his party laid the groundwork to pass his $1.9 trillion COVID relief plan without Republican support.

The Tokyo Olympics chief thinks it’s ‘annoying’ how much women talk in board meetings

There are calls for Yoshiro Mori to resign over alleged sexist remarks like ‘You have to regulate [women’s] speaking time … or else we’ll never be able to finish.’

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